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User don’t just visit the website, Users scan the website. There are many aspects that make GREAT web design. In 2017 web design trends have more evolved or can say are changed totally because the user wants more and more interactive, full of information yet keeping the website design minimalistic and simple.

Colors, animation, effects, parallax are those elements which are small. But have a huge impact on user. Every business must have a website in order to grow. There are various reasons by which it becomes necessary for a business to launch their website to gain online presence and promote their product.

“There are Three Responses To a Piece Of Design – Yes, No, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser

While Designing a website several question arises such as what is the purpose of my website ?, Why user will visit this website ?, What users wants from this website ?, How user finds the websites different from the rest? ,why user leaves the website ?. Below are the facts of what a user wants from a website.

Source: https://www.hubspot.com/


These are some of the important parameters on which user judge a website:

  • Does It Solve my Purpose ?
  • How the website Looks.
  • How well the  FONTS / typefaces are.
  • Clean User Interface.
  • What colors are used.
  • Is the Site Responsive or not.

Web Design Trends in 2017

1. Color Gradients or Color Progression– Color Gradient affects the user perception. Gradients are of 2 types, axial (a color transition from one side to another side of a space), & radial (transitions in a circle). Providing Color shades and make a website more interactive.
For Example Below are some of the color gradient which provides a clean design but delivers a impact on user also shows brand identity.

2. Color Palette– This feature is the latest trend, as users are more attracted towards visuals. Most popular websites have these features today.  When we talk of brands, Large Brands colors are IMPORTANT for them after all they are associated with the reputation of the brand. The brand color is associated with the user. Choosing the right color matters, as it represent the company or the product.

For Example: Coca-Cola means RED, Harley Davidson for Orange, and Reliance for Blue and Google for Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Color Palette is full of different shades/patterns of a single color to choose from.

3. Bold TypographyTypography is the study of letter and word forms and how to visually arrange them. This happens to become the latest trends in web design 2017. Choosing the correct typography makes a huge impact on the user. Let’s say there are 2 word Typography and Typography. Let’s arrange them in proper manner and experience the perception. Identify these 2 different fonts. There is difference in the characters, shapes of the characters, size, and dimensions; almost there is uniqueness in every character.

As per the latest UI UX trends 2017, user wants the website that has interactive fonts. Fonts should be easy for the user. Every website should focus on the font style in order to make their website more readable.

No user wants to read a website/blog which is ugly looking. Fonts represents the idea of the business in the form of text. Fonts is the resemblance of the business. Below is the guide by which typography is performed.

4. Hamburger Menus– A latest web design trends 2017 or we can say better approach by opting clutter free menu option design. At First, designs were large but not effective. But nowadays the design is minimalistic and makes a huge impact on User’s Perception. It happens to become the innovation in web design. It makes the user feels understand that what the user is interacting with and also provides the feedback to the user.

5. Animated ButtonsButtons that makes users feel the interface. This feature makes some of the great websites design of 2017. When an individual interact with user interface, the push effects in buttons makes a good impact on the user as if that any physical interaction has been made. This is latest web designing trends 2017 most of the brands are following. In 2017, web design and development has experienced wide amount of changes, user now visit those website, having simple and clean yet effective user experience.

6. Modular DesignsDifferent Sizes of frames, panes and panels. Some of the most popular websites in the world today or most viewed websites in world have all of these features. Grids and block layout are very useful in providing more useful piece of information. Modular Designs in Website follows a very simple or clean layout providing wide content. Modular Web Design are quite popular web design element of 2017.

The elements described above, were some of the most used web design techniques of 2017. If any business or any individual wants to design a good website and make your keeps visiting them then the website should be design according to user’s perception. The difference Between good design and bad design is:

The optimal reason of a website is to make information available to the user. Best practices leads to best results, understand all the techniques and then design the website step by step taking user’s point of view in mind.

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