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Every business should and is moving toward mobile marketing strategy.

”If You Are Not Using Mobile Marketing To Attract New Customers To Your Business, Don’t Worry Your Competitors Are Already Using It, Are Getting Those Customers Instead” – Anonymous

So is your business ready to be on Mobile?

If NOT then, please check out some of these facts which clearly say that if you not using mobile marketing strategies 2021 then simple YOUR BUSINESS IS OUT OF THE GAME.

After analyzing several surveys & data by some various analytical & research firms, we also found that mobile marketing is on hike and will continue to rise. Nowadays most of day to day task is being done through mobile devices from checking mails; notifications to paying bills online to transfer funds etc. users are more inclined towards their smartphones.

Targeting users on mobile devices & optimizing business for mobile devices (mobile aps, mobile sites) can be a huge deal with maximum profit.

Let’s have a look through these stats and figure out what and where should a business invest their time in-

80% of Internet Users Own a Smartphone.

Mobile is a well versed option nowadays to get In touch with a world. So its appear to be a good option for getting maximum ROI. if your business reaches somewhat to your desired target customers, Imagine what it cannot provide to a business (traffic, recognition, product discovery).

 Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead-
When user’s search for what they want, they just CLICK on that website which solves their purpose and also following the proper website architecture tips is must. The purpose of website is to provide what user is looking for, if it does not get solved, that the user switches to competitor’s site.  There are many reason’s like:

  • Slow Website Speed.
  • Poor Content Quality.
  • Irrelevant information.
  • Poor design of website, etc.

User changes their mind IN FRACTION OF A SECOND, they decide and leave. So Work on mobile Optimisation.

57% of Users Say They Won’t Recommend a Business With a Poorly Designed Mobile Site:


Design is the main object which user consider after getting their purpose solved. Business should follow good website design and apply proper website design trends & practices to get their website’s design optimal. User interface and user interaction should be prepared well in order to get more user and improving user retention.

The 2 Most Popular Ways Companies are Optimizing For Mobile are: 

A- Using a simple template that works for all devices (52%):
Sites should be optimized in order to main user retention. Creating a website template that is mobile friendly and it should adapt different mobile operating system having different mobile screen sizes.

B-Creating a mobile responsive email template (39%):
Personal Mailboxes rather than Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc, email template should be optimized well in order to load quickly. Email templates should be optimized in a way that it should be optimized according to all devices.

Over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up:

People are getting aware of technology and their impact on their life. Smartphones are providing millions of possible ways to connect with anyone in the world. Let’s assume that there is Firm who is providing offers by targeting mobile users, it can get maximum benefits out of it. Every single notification to every single alert is being checked by mobile user.

5 to 5.1-inch Is The Most Used Screen Size, 720 x 1280 Is The Most Used Screen Resolution:


5-5.1 inch devices are the most popular device segment because of their Screen size, Flagship models, and flexible price range. This device range caters largest audience of various age group and gender. Usually app development begins with standard screens sizes of 5-5.5 inches. The sizes and resolution are the most preferred.

Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates.

Nowadays there is huge traffic from mobile device as compared to other platforms like desktop and tablets etc. Targeting mobile users is extremely important for business in order to meet their requirement. Individuals who want quick access, they go for mobile.

A user mostly stays online from mobile device all the time, so this makes easy for business to target their audience and get the maximum profit out of them.


Mobile Marketing Strategy is more important if a business is looking to maximize their ROI. Mobile marketing is the Main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) if a business is looking for targeting audience on mobile device.

Marketing campaigns which are gender base or specific audience type mobile targeting becomes very useful in order to get more conversion. By the help of this article we tried to provide useful mobile user statics 2021 by which you can think of applying techniques by which your business is lacking behind.


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