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Where Does Your Brand stand out in 2 million posts published per day? Yes 2 million and 5 billion searches are performed every day, it is tough but you have to stand out in order to improve your online business. At this time when you are reading this blog, imagine the number of posts that have been published. The content produced by the website or the blogs serve their user with vast amount knowledgeable articles driving traffic to their website. From Converting Users into customers or subscribers provides huge amount profit to companies.

Here are some question that arises when a business is willing to opt for Content Marketing Techniques 2017 such as –

  • Is writing good content enough?
  • How to make a readable, shareable, knowledgeable content?
  • What should be the Type of Content?
  • How to promote & distribute content?
  • Where is my content in 1 billion websites?
  • Will Post on Social Media provides me with a good result?


Let’s talk about what’s new in content marketing trends 2017, Marketing the content is important in order to make the blog or the business discoverable online. A business should first brainstorm about what type content marketing SEO strategy, they are willing to use. In order to make a brand more noticeable, strategies should be well-formed. A business should consider the content marketing trends 2017, to reach their expected target. Below are some of the important factors content which is readable, shareable, Knowledgeable really well-written.

Important Factors & Content Marketing techniques that are To Be Considered for Improving Brand Value:

  • Conduct a Content In-Depth Research audit


How to write content that is readable, shareable, knowledgeable content, answer to that is “DO RESEARCH”, In-Depth research is important for providing relevant information.

  • Content Type (Text, Video, Podcast, Interview, Infographics, poll, Q&A Sessions)-



While talking about choosing the content type, it depends on the strategy and what is your content niche. A brand can go for various content types for promoting their brand.

  • Content must be EXCLUSIVE-


Content should be made on Latest Trends and the Searchable topic that somewhere makes the content discoverable.



Headlines represent what content you are presenting. So make sure that the Headline of the content is Impressive. Your HEADLINE Represent your CONTENT. So make a headline that counts.

  • Less Grammatical error

Grammatical errors are to be rectified, producing and promoting a content having grammatical faults makes a bad impression on the user.

  • Visual Representation of content

Content should be more visual oriented to make the audience intact with the content. Images and Gif represent your content into Visual Oriented Way.

  • Content promotion


Content promotion is done by guest blogging, sharing on social media platforms and communities. Sharing content on content distribution networks improves search rankings and provides the content to a relevant audience.

  • Frequency of Producing content (As Per requirement)-

Producing Content consistently improves audience base. It depends on the requirement of business or brands how much amount of content they can produce and share.

  • Multiple Content Formats

Providing Multiple content formats in Many ways is an ease for the user to download and read the content in their choices, content formats such as infographics. PDF’s, video, audio, white papers, research reports, slides etc.

  • An Adequate Call to Action is a Must.

Call to Action is helpful in Lead Generation. The placement of the call to action button must be prominent. Generating more leads is similar to more sales and more sales lead to more profits.

  • Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI)-

Measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as new visitors, bounce rates, number of leads, subscribers, customers, page views, backlinks, a source of traffic etc. Keeping track of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI may help to make business decisions.

Conclusion- Using the content marketing strategy stated above, the business can get conversions. Apply these strategies and measure your results. Having a poor content marketing strategy can jeopardize your brand value. By This Article, we believe that all your queries about how Content Marketing Techniques 2017 can improve your Brand’s reputation online are solved. Suggestions and Strategies are welcomed. Share your views in comments about the article.

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