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A Recent Survey says, “About 70% of the first time visitors to any website continue their search or browse thoroughly after attracting towards website Structure & Designs.”

The Website architecture is first and foremost part for developing and designing a new website. Structure of a website is important to ensure a great experience at users-end. And, Best Website Architecture Ideas are very important for new Business. Generally, website architecture is defined as “the lay-out plan and design of the functional, technical and visual components of a website”.

Modern Website architecture must be engaging for both Owner as well as Customer in equal manner. In this article, we will discuss about all the Components such as user interface, CMS, interactive web-design, graphic presentations, content strategy and user experience, etc. are essentials for new website. First of all Frame your Business Approach. Create a logical layout of a website as per your business requirements and Target users. And, for the best Input & implementations, Discuss with an experienced Web development service provider .

Important Factors that are part of website architecture are:-

A-Technical components– Servers, hosting and storage-spaces are foremost essential.
B-Functional aspects– It includes type of services or processes the website will provide.
C-Visual appearance– The  Website Architecture design Ideas includes user interface, colours, buttons and other visual design elements. These are most important at user-end and must be appealing.
D-Security parameters– Website must ensure secure access, control and safe transactions.

Now, Get a brief touch with all the Important aspects of Web architecture :

1. Content management system: CMS is essential for support, creation and modification of any website. There are many CMS available for management of the content of Web pages. 

i)-   Website Development with WordPress- WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and it allows to manage content, digital assets on a easy admin panel. If you are Interested in a Blogging website, then wordpress is best option, it supports thousands of themes, templates and plugins with flexibility to manage.

WordPress CMS

ii)-  Website Development with Joomla- If you have data-driven website, then Joomla CMS is a good option. Joomla mostly used for corporate websites, business directories, integrated application portals, magazines, etc.

iii)- Website Development with Magento- Magento is the Best CMS for E-commerce website. It is open-source software and easily customised as per business suitability.
Magento Fact– Magento is the leading platform among the top 1,00,000 eCommerce websites which is about 40% in this niche.

Some other popular CMS are Website Development with Drupal, Website Development with DotNetNuke, etc.

2. User Interface: UI is the medium of interaction between humans and machines or any kind of software. There are many ways to perform your task with a suitable web framework or UI. Types of User Interface are:

a)-  Graphical User Interface (GUI)– Any Website which demands highly interactive designs, then, GUI is suitable as it allows the user to interact with devices via graphical icons, visual, navigational indicators. GUI is best in area of human –computer web interaction.

b)-  Natural language Interface- A Business which includes interaction with buyers or live data-sources, then, NLI allows the user with an information system using phrases or questions etc. It can performs with gestures indicators.

Some other UI are Menu driven Interface, Form-Fill based Interface and Command Line Interface (CLI). These UIs are being used as per particular uses.

3. Web Designing– Usability of any new website depends on Designing of website in lucrative manner. The interactive designs are important and must consult with Web design services provider.

a- Informative designs – If you have data-centric contents then informative designs patterns are suitable.
b- Graphical designs– If you have commercial or product based business, then graphical & image based designing are part of an attractive website.

4. Programming languages:- Every Web-page follows instructions and algorithms.

a)- Asp.NET– Microsoft’s ASP.NET is fast, scalable, high-performance web applications. It is best for heavy data flow websites, technical web pages etc.
For e.g-. Dell, Microsoft, Godaddy are developed in ASP.NET.

b)- PHP/ cakePHP – If your website requires creativity, designs, image gallery, modules, then go with PHP framework for better touch.

Programming languages

c)- JAVA/ Javascript– Java is a popular programming languages used to create Web applications and online platforms. Popular websites using JAVA are, Amazon for their operations.
Other major languages are HTML, Python, Ruby, C, C#, etc.

5. Unique URL Structure– The Uniform Resource Locator, commonly known as a web address is your identity on Internet. Select the best Suitable Domain Name which defines your business or services.

6. Well-organised Content– Content having to the point readable description is a boost to visitors and it enhance your product or services as well as user’s interest. Always Follow latest Content marketing Trends to gain Business leads easily.

7. Internal Links– Every Website must follow hierarchy and patterns in categories. The Internal Linking of Web pages should be done for easy navigation and engagement of visitors.

8. Back-end Server– It plays important role in any Live Website. It handle all the crucial situation over Internet like heavy traffic load, run-time error, any server side error or if there is hacking attacks etc.

9. Call to Action Buttons– These are very important for any website. And, its correct placement provide path to users and make it easy for them to get in touch with every aspect.

call to action on website

To sum up we can conclude that, all the above points on Website Architecture Ideas are essential for Business goals and growth Prospective. The main aim of website is to meet business goals and delivering the best to users.
But, Changes in any Web Design is a regular process. We need to engage in users requirements and conduct research on target audience to understand their Requirements & Usability.

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