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What is Brochure.
A small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service. Brochures should be designed in such a way that it should represent brand’s image. There is a lot to look in brochure design trends 2017, a company or a brand who is willing to include brochure as a part of their brochure marketing strategy then it will lead to a great result. As a results, brochures have now evolved more, according to print design trends 2017, brochures are used to promote brand & product by providing much graphic and visuals making it more interactive for user.

Importance of Brochure:
There is huge importance of brochures. Brochures contain more information, mostly visual information that represents business’s product/Services. A Company or a Business chooses the brochures marketing strategy by considering their product’s or service’s requirements and then opts for the brochure sizes and their types. Brochures can be mainly designed in to 2 forms.

  • Hand-Held: is important when communicating with the customer directly.
  • E-Brochure: is important where a business want to reach their maximum customer.

What does a Brochure Contain?
A Brochure can have details the product/ services that a business needs to showcase.

  • Direct Marketing— e-Brochures can easily be included in a marketing campaign like direct mail.
  • Financial Service— Banks provide brochures to explain their account options, loans, & other money related services.
  • Food service— Restaurants can create a catering brochures that contain price and information. The best ones are those which include a simplified menu, followed by the contact information and other required details.
  • Healthcare Services— Doctors & hospitals can introduce themselves to a new community with the help of their brochure explaining their services. Brochures are also useful for patient education on a variety of illnesses and other health issues.
  • Marketing Services— Marketers can hand out brochures to interested visitors at trade shows and expos or exhibitions. Business or products are getting notices that are the benefits of brochures in marketing.
  • Offices— Offices with heavy foot traffic can provide brochures about their services in the waiting room. Visitors can read them while they’re waiting, and the staff won’t have to spend as much time explaining their services to each person.
  • Personal Care— Spa & salons can use brochures to list all of the different services they provide, followed by their prices.
  • Politics— Politicians or political party can use brochures to inform voters about their platforms and campaigns on important community issues.
  • PR— Public relations managers can include brochures in press releases and media kits, so the news media can craft better, more accurate stories about a business.
  • Retail Services— Stores with heavy traffic can provide brochures at the front of the store. A brochure of popular product highlights is far less expensive to produce than an entire printed catalogue.
  • Sales— Salesperson can hand out brochures to business associates, partners, and potential clients after a demo or presentation.
  • Travel— Travel agencies can use brochures to advertise exotic destinations and affordable vacation packages.

Standard Brochure Size:
There are several brochure sizes available by which a business can for their Brochure Marketing Strategy. It totally depends on the need and requirement of business/product which happens to deliver optimal results by using brochure marketing strategy. Brochures are available on following sizes:


Types of Brochure:

  1. Half-Fold (Bi-Fold)-
    Best Used For: Simple business presentation. The simplest brochure layout is a bi-fold, where a single sheet of paper is folded in half. This results in 4 panels that can be read from left to right like a magazine. The vertical layout is more popular, but a bi-fold can be oriented horizontally, too.


2. Classic Tri-Fold:
Best Used For: Compact pieces those are easy to read and unfold. Tri-fold brochures can be folded into two ways depends on the marketing strategy. The most popular layout is the tri-fold, a single sheet of paper folded into thirds. Tri-folds are versatile, giving you multiple folding options. Even though they each contain 6 panels, how you fold the paper will determine which panels end up where.

  • C-fold – appears similar the letter C when open. When closed, one third of the paper is nested between the others, like a spiral.
  • Z-fold – appears like letter Z, the appearance when it is opened and closed like an accordion.

Classic-Tri-Fold-Brochure Design-2017

3. Single Gate Fold:
Best Used For: Graphically-heavy designs. Though this is a tri-fold, it does not result in 6 panels of equal sizes. Instead, the right and left sides of the paper fold in the middle. This makes the center panel twice as large, creating more space for visual design inside the brochure.

single-gate-fold-brochure design-2017

4. Double-Gate Fold:
Best Used For: Large presentations. Going for double gate fold brochure design, One has to  follow the steps above to create a gate fold brochure. Then fold it in half again, vertically. This creates a central fold down the centre panel, resulting in a slender brochure that can fit more easily into envelopes and other narrow spaces.

dounble-GATE-fold-brochure design-2017

5. Double Parallel Fold:
A double parallel fold requires 2 vertical folds, Having 8 panels in total. Depending on the size of the paper, the resulting brochure might be narrow than a tri-fold, or it could be similar in size but with the addition of 2 panels.

DOUBLE-Parallel-fold-brochure design-2017

For Any Business which is looking for an opportunity to promote their services or information about their products, brochure might become helpful. Although it totally depends on the business which brochure design is suitable for their brochure marketing strategy? Before choosing any brochure design for marketing strategy, a lot of question arises, such as how to choose brochure design? & what are different types of brochures design? And so on. We believe that all the question have been answered through this article.


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