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As per recent Survey,By the end of year 2018, E-commerce will account for 35% of the global Retail Sales market. And, currently 55% people visit an Ecommerce website before purchasing anything”.

In present digital Era, E-commerce or Electronic commerce sector has become an important part of Sells and Purchases. E-commerce is a transaction or process of buying or selling any product via online medium. Every business needs a well-designed & user-friendly website, whether it is Ecommerce Giants like Amazon, Flipkart or any new online ecommerce website. It is absolutely important to design or develop e-commerce site in accordance with ease of consumers.


The Ecommerce sites are mainly classified based on the type of participants in the transaction: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C). Among these, whatever the type of transaction you deals with, just follow the specific prospective to sustain in the highly competitive market of Ecommerce business. Factors like Presentation of products, site layout, Offers, payment security, Fast Delivery etc. play very important role in Consumer’s point of view.

Let’s read out the detailed description for these points for better knowhow:-

1.Proper Site Architecture: – Pay special attention on the Website Architecture and must have well-developed site navigation for your eCommerce business. Website designing is an important aspect to gain the attention of users:-

  • Product navigation should be user-friendly and all categories, sub-categories are arranged properly.
  • Get a dedicated section for Best-selling products to get consumer’s attractions.

2. Product Display:- Most essential point to attract customers is by using quality Photos and Images. Much independent research on Internet-based business says that most of the consumers attract by a display of products, Images or short videos on any E-commerce site.

  • For example, any fashion or apparel website gets leads with the eye-catchy presentation of the Product. Must have options includes choose your color, change shades, view product etc. And, we all know Women and Girls are font of favourite color..!!

3. Product Title & Details:- Concentrate on every product and use best title to target and try to provide brief description for every product with proper price tags or offers tag.

4. Similar Product Option– It is very important that a customer stay on a site. The Internal linking of products or categories can help your visitors to spend time and try to scroll between various options. Related products should be displayed to gain user’s interest..

5. Promotional offers:- Every customer wants offers, discounts and reasonable pricing. The cash backs and Promo codes are in trends and are must to attract buyers towards any product on your site.

6. Reviews and Testimonials:- Reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products or any services. Many Research groups like Forrester Research, comScore, etc. show that rating and reviews influence consumer shopping behaviour and boost their motive of purchase. Testimonials of your clients always put a positive impact on your Visitors.

7. Payment options :- Revenue generation with successful lead is our goal. The mode of payment must be flexible. Always keep options of Cash on Delivery (CODs), Net banking, Debit/ credit Card.  Secure payment is a key for consumer satisfaction.
8. Trustmarks:- Always display Trustmark logos on your website. These Trustmark logos are actually recognized by consumers and built faith for “Go for payment” or “Buy Now”.

Ecommerce website trustmarks

9.Secure Shipping & Returns:- The most crucial factor for ecommerce website is to deliver any product within promised time period and with complete safety. Also, mention your Return policy very clear, which is important for all niches of Products including electronics, apparels etc.

10.Website Speed– Site visitors are not at all ready to wait for a slow website to load, they click back to Google to find a faster website. Properly monitor every page and do not over use images or long videos which can downgrade site load time.

  • Point to Note- A recent research shows that, “45-50% of the people abandons or leaves a website taking longer than 4 seconds to load”!

To sum up, we can conclude that an Ecommerce website is directly depends on consumer satisfaction and their trust. So, implement all the above tips for successful Ecommerce business. And, still If you have any queries or concerns, then get an assistance with best Website Development company.

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